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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Starbucks' Pick of the Week

Yesterday, I hung out and worked remotely at Starbucks' since I had a very early doctor's appointment and since I was out already. I was such a nice day, so I ordered my usual Green Tea Latte and madeleines (am looking up a recipe right now for madeleines so I can try it, hehe). It was nice being out for a change (which I've been doing recently since I work remotely at home and it gets lonely). At the coffee shop, I was surrounded by people, some working with their laptops like me, others chatting away, and others reading their favorite book, newspaper or magazine. The good thing too is that my friend Mo was able to join me for lunch since she was in the area at that time for some personal business. Food over there too is generally healthy so I like it's availability when I do get hungry.

When I was getting my coffee, I noticed small cards by a small rack. It said 'Pick of the Week' and I was curious what it was. It was a Starbucks free mp3 download at iTunes for a new John Legend song Green Light featuring Andre 3000. I didn't even know they had a partnership with iTunes which I think is cool (am not sure when they started this). So for those who want those free mp3s, come by every Tuesday for a new free pick. Here's the direct link to iTunes and Starbucks.


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