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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yey! Black Kids on Leno!

I was channel surfing when I came across the Jay Leno show today. I looked at the info to see who his guest was and I was surprised! The Black Kids were gonna be there! Al had downloaded four free mp3s from their site (from their Wizard of Ahhhs EP) around January of this year and we played it over and over (plus mp3s of Kate Nash) while vacationing in the East Coast. I even used the song for our Atlantic City trip video (though I may have tortured the song, I am declaring my love of this band). Notice that the version was a cover by Kate Nash (so I guess she's a fan too). And last month, Al and I sang this (karaoke-style) at Gamba in Cupertino. Imagine that! They have it in karaoke! How funny! We were surprised, believe me. But anyway we had so much fun singing it (and shouting 'dance, dance, dance, dance' hehe). They recently had a concert at The Fillmore few days ago which we missed *boo*. Also, I just found out that their singer Reggie Youngblood and sister Ali are half black, half filipino. I had a hunch and told Al, but he said I was wrong. Ha! Anyway, check out a video of the group singing I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You by clicking here.


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