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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Having the Best Day Ever!

And good days after that! And the week's not over yet! Saturday was the best day ever! So much good news came my way. But the best news was that I found out I'm pregnant! Finally, it happened after ten years of waiting. It's still early, but I'm just excited that at least I got a positive reading when I tested on a digital ept stick. I do it every month and always get disappointed because I would always read NOT PREGNANT (those digital pregnancy test are kinda blunt, the ones with lines are more subtle, haha). I couldn't believe the positive reading on ept, so I tried another brand, Clearblue and it was positive again. I still couldn't believe it, so I bought a generic one at the dollar store the next day (those test are expensive you know) and that didn't work. No lines were showing. So I told my husband to buy another digital ept test. I waited the next Monday morning to test again, and it was positive! So I called my doctor's office and they told me to come in right away for a blood test.

So I went to the REI lab and the nice phlebotomist guy asked me how I was doing. I told him I was good and anxious, and he said I bet you are! He told me that results will be ready in 5 hours and that someone would call me. I went home to work and wait. That was the longest wait ever! So I talked to my sis-in-law too and told her the news. While I was talking to her, I didn't know that the nurse had already called me and left a message (she said I have your results, I'll leave you in suspense. Call me back.) I called back and I was on hold for the longest time. Then I was passed on to another person. Then the person was talking slow and telling me technical stuff that I didn't understand. This was our conversation -

Suz: Cindy?
Me: Yes
Suz: What's your date of birth?
Me: Blah blah blah
Suz: Lemme look at your chart...Hmm...When did they do insemination?
Me: I didn't do that
Suz: Lemme check your chart again. Oh yes we're trying for natural pregnancy correct?
Me: Yes
Suz: When was the last day of your period?
Me: October 17
Suz: Your test shows an hcg level of 158 and we normally expect 50 around this time
Me: So is that good or bad?
Suz: It's positive!
Me: Really! Oh my gosh!


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