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Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

So on facebook, there's an infectious post going around that is really amusing. I normally hate chain posts about random questions about favorite colors and favorite things (well, I did answer a few of them years ago until I got sick of it), but this one seems the most prominent, revealing facts about people you thought you knew. I think of all chains, this has most heart. Anyway, here are 25 random things about me -

1. I recently changed my name to my married name after 10 years of being married and I think it's causing some confusion. I'm still trying to get used to signing my new name. I recently went to DMV and SS offices to change my name but I signed my cards with my maiden name. Do'h!

2. I always wanted to be a lawyer or be involved in politics when I was in high school. So I took Political Science, volunteered for a couple of political organizations, met some public figures in person such as Bill Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and Jackie Speier. But I changed my mind after my first two years in college.

3. I regret turning down an internship with the mayor's office at San Francisco City Hall right after college because I accepted a paid job at a law firm.

4. I worked myself through college, studying full-time and working full-time, with the addition of two menial part-time jobs (one was an additional four hours while one was on-call), while organizing and leading a school group and babysitting my baby sister at night while my mom worked the graveyard shift. I keep wondering how I did all that.

5. I am usually a calm and quiet person. Am also very shy, but when I click with someone and become comfortable, I tend to be chatty :)

6. I wore glasses for most of my life, since first grade until 2006. I never tried contacts either coz my eyes are really sensitive. That year I had lasik surgery. It feels sooo liberating.

7. I've been trying to have a baby for 10 years and had a miscarriage three weeks ago. It was devastating but at least I know I can get pregnant. Plus I loved having nice hair and skin during my first trimester.

8. I never learned how to swim. When I was a kid, my family went on vacation at a beach resort, and my uncle carried me and threw me in the wavy waters in an attempt to teach me how to swim. It traumatized me.

9. I used to play the organ at my church back home during mass (well, only a few occasions). I also played the keyboards almost every day of my life since second grade until 1998. I donated my keyboards to a grade school teacher (or was it pre school?) when I saw a posting on Craigslist and I never had a keyboard since. I actually don't miss it.

10. While in college, I was invited to be an intern for the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival for two months and loved it because I got to borrow rare indie videos from their library and hold private viewing parties with my friends back at my apartment then.

11. My first job at 16 was at McDonald's on 24th and Mission and I quit after the first day. I swore to never work for a fast food joint ever again! I also swore never to work around that area too!

12. I also had a college job as a switchboard operator and reception for the Church of Scientology headquarters in San Francisco. On my first day, I met a girl named Friday. I told my mom that I accepted a job there and worked for a day, and she told me to quit so I did. I think I know now why...

13. I used to be a roadie and driver for a friend who was a DJ. I would go with him to shop for his equipment at Leo's in SF or rent his lights at a store in Pacifica. He would always give me a mixed tape of my favorite songs back then. I would tag along to his party gigs until I got too busy with school. He's now a company director and engineer, and I haven't seen him for 9 years.

14. My most memorable birthday was my 21st when we decided to have a garage party that filled our house in Daly City (I had memorable crashers too). My brother and his band at the time played in the garage, and the lead singer sang 'My Sister' by Juliana Hatfield and dedicated it to me. I was soooo touched that I was teary-eyed, seriously!

15. I love to travel (when time and budget permits). I'm fortunate to share my experiences with the one I love. We both like back-packing, exploring local and foreign places, discovering back alleys with small local museums and shops, and experiencing the food in different cities. But lately, we've been inclined to join small chartered tours. I feel like an octogenarian :)

16. I just learned how to get free games for the DS. Shh.

17. In 2001, I wrote a children's story which almost got published. The publisher is still willing to produce it but I still need a good illustrator.

18. I love pop culture, and also certain sub cultures. My guilty pleasure is celebrity gossip, haha!

19. I hate scary movies and get scared even with cheesy horror films. I get really jumpy. I don't understand why people watch them and why they would try to scare themselves :)

20. I'm not a mall person at all. I try to avoid them as much as possible. I think I only go when I need to buy gifts and clothes for special occasions. But I like shopping at small boutiques and specialty stores.

21. I played the cello and trained for two days to be part of an orchestra with renowned musicians. I got scared of the guy teaching me (he was sooo strict) that I didn't show up for practice the following weekend.

22. In the early 90's, I wanted to watch the Sonic Youth concert at the Warfield in SF sooo bad that I went by myself since none of my friends wanted to go and thought they were too noisy for their taste. I remember standing in the mosh pit, wearing my green 'Dirty' shirt and black doc marten boots. It was one of the best concerts I've seen in my life.

23. I used to enjoy cooking and was a good cook. In 2003, I just stopped cooking all of a sudden. Don't ask me why...

24. I snuck into a drive-thru movie theater once with two friends and my hubby (my boyfriend then) in SF and we drove through the exit. I found a long piece of wood to cover the spikes that puncture the tires on the road. Shame! The movie was Independence Day, haha!

25. I once saw a dead whale on Ocean Beach and remember being amazed on how big it was (and that it reeked so bad). The next morning, park rangers buried it on the beach using huge tractors.


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