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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Seattle and Vancouver Vacation

Al and I decided to fly to Seattle to visit family, especially my grandma since it's her 96th birthday. She's not too well and weaker than before, so I want to spend as much time with her while she's alive. I love my grandma sooo much! So on her birthday, my family prepared some food, and my cousin bought a cake. The next day, we decided to drive my older brother and family to Vancouver and tour them around. As usual, we went to Gas Town and rode the Big Bus Tour. We also saw Robert Downey's trailer by the beach since he's shooting a movie. And I also noticed a lot of constructions going on - maybe they're preparing for the Olympics? We also went shopping at Robson Street and ate lunch at a Japanese restaurant there. And dinner at Goldilocks (oh yeah we bought some got sago? shirts there). Out last stop was the Science Center before visiting the duty free by the border. Shopping was fun at duty free.

Our fun feeling suddenly disappeared when we were stopped because Al went on the wrong lane. Not his fault really because he didn't see the signs at night because of all the constructions going on. We all went inside a building. It was kinda scary because we didn't know what to expect while they were interviewing Al. He got a warning and we found out that a lot of other people were making the same mistake. Anyway, I can't wait for the 2010 Winter Olympics. We will visit Vancouver again when that happens. Hopefully, we get to visit Victoria and Whistler soon.

Back in Seattle, we visited Boston Harbor in Olympia. We brought lola so she can see the beautiful lake there. Afterwards, we went shopping again at the Seattle Premium Outlets. I bought a Coach wallet and a Lacoste watch. On our flight back home and upon boarding, Virgin America announced that they are boarding all virgins, and then those with black shirts. I thought that was funny.


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