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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Road Trip to Las Vegas

It was my brother's wedding anniversary and he wanted to drive to Las Vegas for vacation and wanted us to go with them. Before the trip, Al and I psyched up ourselves by watching the movie Hang Over in the theater. We secured a time share and two-bedroom suite that was right on the strip and in front of Planet Hollywood from Al's aunt and uncle. It was also next to Bellagio and so conveniently located!

Our first day was the most fun. We had brunch at Salo-Salo Grill and passed by Palms to get our badges for the CineVegas Film Fest. If we knew it included brunch, we would have gone there instead. But it also included three free movies, an awards ceremony at their nightclub Rain, and VIP access to their other clubs Moon and the Playboy Club. We saw an exclusive screening of World's Greatest Dad and thought Robin Williams was there in person. We saw Bobcat Goldthwait, Alexi Gilmore, and other actors of the movie instead. At the awards ceremony and reception at Rain, we saw more celebrities such as Maria Menunos, Tony Hawk, Dennis Hopper, Willen Dafoe, and Jon Voight. They had unlimited booze and hors d' ouvres. We saw Angelina Jolie's dad again at an restaurant called Nove Italiano and Al took a pic with him. After the awards, we went to the Playboy club to hang out and check it out. We also checked out Moon for some cool sounds (DJ AM and Paul Oakenfold play there on weekends). At night, we had a late dinner at Palms Cafe and coffee at Starbuck's in Planet Hollywood.

Our second day was devoted to the strip. We spend to day going to places we've never been before (new hotels such as Planet Hollywood, Pallazzo, Rio, and Encore). We even checked out Trump (just the lobby coz we were curious). We had buffet at Wynn's too. We got free passes for the club at Encore but decided not to go since we were so tired. On our third day, we had another celebrity sighting at Hooters of all places (we went there to check it out too since we've never been there). We saw Floyd Mayweather Sr. and took pics with him. We also went to Hard Rock Cafe coz they wanted to buy stuff, and the Las Vegas sign so we can take more pics. We also went to the Las Vegas Marine Harbor to feed the fish (my first time to go there and it was cool) and a quick trip to Hoover Dam (my first time to do the tour inside, we were always outside). The short vacation was fun and tiring at the same time.


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