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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day Brunch

Although Al is technically not a father yet (well almost until the tragedy early this year), I thought of surprising him to a champagne brunch by Rockaway Beach in Pacifica since we haven't been there for so long. I wanted to go Moonraker (which was the venue of our first 'formal' date and his birthday at the time) because it brings back a lot of memories. But I found out that it was closed down and replaced by Ristorante Portofino. I looked at the site and it seemed promising, but when we got there, I didn't like the food at all! And this was just breakfast! If it weren't for the view, I would've left. Anyway, I made reservations already. We had a nice dinner though the night before at Nick's with a live band too and sunset - And the view at both places are spectacular -


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