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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Snorkling in the Pool

Woke up today to get ready for a college graduation celebration. I can't believe a friend's daughter finished college already. It seems just yesterday that she graduated high school! Anyway, I haven't been to Bayanihan in a long time, so I was ready to visit once again. As soon as we got in, I saw a buffet table of delicious filipino food. I tried their bangus sisig and it was the best! I later on found out that it was catered by Patio Filipino in San Bruno. I'm definitely going to visit this place again (been there a couple of times) for their bangus sisig. It was nice to see old friends too at the event.

After the event, Al and I wanted to catch the last showing of Bridesmaid in Tanforan. But while talking to a friend on our drive there, he invited us to this impromptu swimming and barbeque. Of course we don't have swim wear, but we wanted to hang too. As soon as we got there, I found my friend snorkling in the pool! First time I've seen anybody do that lol. His reason? He's practicing snorkling when we go on a Carribean cruise. Hilarious! I love my bff.


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